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9-27-04 The Jack Hensley Memorial & Family Trust

……Zarqawi has been a fugitive since 1999 when Jordanian authorities first tied him to radical Islamic activity leading Jund al-Shams. In 2000, a Jordanian court sentenced him in absentia to 15 years of hard labor……



September 26, 2004


Some Good Can Come From Evil Acts


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc.


While much of the civilized world is repulsed at terrorist acts of some savage and brutal animals, some try to react positively.  The media descriptions of Jack Hensley describe a devoted family man.  It is appropriate that there be a memorial and that it benefit his family.


Some AVOC readers might be interested in the Scholarship Trust and its background.


One only hopes civilized forces are able to find al Zarqawi and remove him from the World Stage as other evils have been removed in the past.  No peace loving nations or people are safe as long as this type animal is allowed to be free to do these kinds of despicable acts.






Jack Hensley     Sara Hensley



Sara Hensley Trust
C/O First Citizens Bank
2880 Hwy 160 West
Fort Mill, SC 29708

For Wire Transfers you need all of the following information:

Please reference The Sara E. Hensley Trust

First Citizens Bank
2880 Hwy 160 West
Fort Mill, SC 29708

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Tega Cay Rescue Squad                 



5000 Tega Cay Drive

Tega Cay, South Carolina 29708               Statement & Release

(9/23/04) After what turned out to be a confusing and whirlwind first day of the fund raising effort for Sara Hensley, and after meeting with our bank and attorney today, we have determined that a number of items needed to clarified as well as some announcements made.

When we began this project on behalf of Sara, Jack Hensley's daughter, we certainly never expected the type of positive response we have received over the past 24 to 36 hours. We certainly won't discount this to inexperience because we had some fine advisers and counsel, it is more attributable to the unknown, mainly the response to Ty's appearances on national television and his promotion of the website, jackhensley.org.

There has been a great deal of mis-information about our efforts on behalf of Sara, not the least of which are the rumors that significant funds have been raised. While we have hundred's and hundred's of emails, over 1.2 million hits on the website and hundreds of phone calls relative to inquiries and promises of donations, as of 3:00PM Thursday only $,500.00 is accountable in the bank account. We wish to emphasize the continuing need of the Hensley family as well as their appreciation for all the support we have received from around the country, and world . However, the continuing rumors are beginning to interfere with donations to this cause.

We have had continuous questions as to the structure of the Trust that will hold the funds raised by our efforts. Rest assured the money will be maintained in a secure account under the control of a professional trustee. Over the past several hours (Thursday) we have been working very closely with the Hensley family to finalize the terms of the Trust. Questions have arisen as to what would occur if funds donated exceeded the needs of Sara for her education. While at this point we have no reason to believe this will occur, should we be so fortunate as to raise more than Sara would require the excess funds would be placed in a trust account to produce income for Jack's wife, Pati.

As we have stated, the first funds will be set aside for the education of Sara, no other use will be designated until her education is fully funded.

Once again we ask the assistance of the press in informing the public that our fund raising is ongoing and we have not, to date, sufficient funds to begin to accomplish our goals.

Information on Terrorist Leader Involved Murdering Jack Hensley




"Untangling the Terror Web: The Need for a Strategic Understanding of the Crossover Between International Terrorist Groups to Successfully Prosecute the War on Terror"
October 22, 2003

…….Although Zarqawi's active role in organizing terrorist operations suggests that he himself is a major terrorist leader, it is useful to clarify his links to other groups so as to better understand how international terrorism works. There is no precise organizational or command structure to the assemblage of groups that fall under al-Qaeda's umbrella or that cooperate with the organization. Hence, whether Zarqawi swore allegiance (bayat) to bin Laden makes little difference in whether the two would work together at promoting a common agenda.

The range of actors who have given Zarqawi safe haven and support clearly illustrate the current modus operandi of terrorist networks. Consider his movements since he first surfaced as a terrorist suspect in 1999, when he led Jund al-Shams, an Islamic extremist group and al-Qaeda affiliate operating primarily in Syria and Jordan:30

Jordan: Zarqawi has been a fugitive since 1999 when Jordanian authorities first tied him to radical Islamic activity leading Jund al-Shams. In 2000, a Jordanian court sentenced him in absentia to 15 years of hard labor for his role in the millennial terror plot targeting Western interests in Jordan.31 Taliban-ruled Afghanistan: In 2000, Zarqawi traveled to Afghanistan, where he oversaw an al-Qaeda training camp and worked on chemical and biological weapons.32 Such camps served as open universities, educating terrorists from a wide array of local and international groups. These students in turn established relationships and networks, like the anti-Soviet mujahedin before them. With every success in the war on terrorism, such networks become increasingly essential to al-Qaeda, providing a new cadre of terrorist operatives.

Iran and Iraq: In early 2002, Zarqawi was wounded in the leg while fighting against U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghanistan. He escaped to Iran, then traveled to Iraq in May 2002, where his wounded leg was amputated and replaced with a prosthetic device. According to Secretary Powell, Zarqawi then spent two months recovering in Baghdad, during which time "nearly two dozen extremists converged on Baghdad and established a base of operations there. These al-Qaeda affiliates, based in Baghdad, now coordinate the movement of people, money, and supplies into and throughout Iraq for his network, and they've now been operating freely in the capital for more than eight months."33 Prior to the war in Iraq, Zarqawi had returned to the Ansar al-Islam camp in northern Iraq run by his Jund al-Shams lieutenants. There, he enjoyed safe haven and free passage into and out of Ansar-held areas.34 Zarqwawi is now said to be back in Iran, where he continues to operate with the full knowledge of the regime in Tehran.35 ……………….