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10-21-04 Oconee County’s Oldest Living Descendant of William Daniell – Sue Daniell Zuber Dies

Sue, like my grandmother, was a genteel, Southern lady.  Their generation had much family and community pride.   Unfortunately, we are rapidly losing that connection to Oconee County’s historic past.



October 19, 2004


Oldest William Daniell Descendant in Oconee County Passes from Life


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc.


Sue Daniell Zuber died on September 20, 2004, at the age of 100.   She was the daughter of Osceola and Mollie Sims Daniell.   She was a direct descendant of William Daniell, Revolutionary War Soldier who died 1840 and is buried at Mars Hill Church, Watkinsville, Georgia, see:   http://avoc.info/info/article.php?article=916&PHPSESSID=7ce02227c273ce4e267e5e936b34fa5f


Osceola Daniell was the younger brother of my great-grandfather, Young Henderson Daniell—see:  http://avoc.info/info/article.php?article=917&PHPSESSID=7ce02227c273ce4e267e5e936b34fa5f   Sue Daniell Zuber and my grandmother, Hassie Daniell Dawson, were first cousins.  My grandmother was about 20 years older because of the difference in age of their parents.  See:  http://avoc.info/info/article.php?article=1409&PHPSESSID=7ce02227c273ce4e267e5e936b34fa5f and  http://avoc.info/info/article.php?article=1413&PHPSESSID=7ce02227c273ce4e267e5e936b34fa5f


Sue Daniell Zuber did not live in the old Daniell-Dawson Home-place on Cliff Dawson Road but did live nearby on Daniell’s Bridge Road.  She and Mama Hassie’s grandfather, Josiah Daniell, lived on the place now encompassing Lake Wellbrook Subdivision.


My first clear memory of Sue Daniell Zuber was her introducing herself and calling my grandmother, “Cousin Hassie”.  That was a common expression for Oconee County residents of their era.  Her demeanor and conversation had a pride and commanding presence.


Sue, like my grandmother, was a genteel, Southern lady.  Their generation had much family and community pride.   Unfortunately, we are rapidly losing that connection to Oconee County’s historic past.


Sue Daniell Zuber was active in the Bogart community and had a wider “family of friends and neighbors” in that area.  She lived to be 100 this year, another Daniell trait of longevity.   A tribute from her daughter, Janet Zuber Luke, appeared in the Memorial Program.  With Janet’s permission, this tribute appears below.


AVOC extends its sympathy  to the many relatives and friends of Sue Daniell Zuber.  I am honored to include myself in that group.


Memories of

Lizzie Sue Daniell Zuber





Sue was born on Daniell’s Bridge Road where her father O. C Daniell and ancestors, Josiah, Josiah Sr., and gr. gr. grandfather William lived. Sue’s father died when she was 2 years old. Sue went to the first grade at Mars Hill School but it was so far for her to walk that her mother, Mollie, would meet them at the creek and carry her home. Mollie decided to move to Bogart closer to a school and where she could work as a seamstress to earn a living for her three children. In 1910, Mollie, Lenus, Theo and Sue moved to Bogart and sharecropped the farm out for a share of the crops and a pig each year. Sue caught Typhoid Fever and it left her so weak that she could not walk to school. Theo and a neighborhood boy, Grier Zuber, took turns carrying her to the Bogart School. She attended the old wooden schoolhouse, but Sue and Grier graduated from the new brick building in 1922. Grier went into the U. S. Navy and Sue went into nurses training and then to Atlanta to the Nurses Exchange. Grier was on the Battleship Mississippi and years later when it went into dry-dock for renovations, he wrote Sue and said "tell the boys to scatter, we're going to get married': That was in 1932. Don was born and then Janet... They lived in California for many years and then came back to Georgia to take care of their mothers and families.

Sue was involved in community affairs and was president of many of the Bogart clubs. The Home Demonstration Club where she taught many crafts, the Bogart Community Club, Bogart HS. PTA, Bogart H S. Alumni and worked to establish the first community library. Sue had her own ceramic shop and painted Georgia Bulldogs for over 20 years, starting the year Vince Dooley came to UGA. She was baptized in the Bogart First Baptist Church as a teen. Her last years were quiet with visits from family and friends.


Tennyson wrote “I am a part of all I have met". Sue made a loving impression on those she met.

May her good memories live on...