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The Atlanta Journal: Letters
Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Lack of travel options shows why Northern Arc is needed.

Regarding the recent letter from the policy director of the Georgia Conservancy stating that the Northern Arc is "far removed from the problem" ("Editorial on Northern Arc fails to recognize concerns," Thursday): That is exactly the point.

He apparently doesn't know that it is common for drivers from extreme northwest Georgia to drive I-75 to Atlanta and across the northern Perimeter to reach I-85 before traveling to South Carolina. A friend from Chattooga County made that trip four times per weekend every few weeks for more than 10 years so that his son could visit his grandmother. I took the same route when I lived in Rome, Ga.

Ga. 20 crossing from Cartersville to Buford feels like two-lane, stop-and-go, even in light traffic. The farther north one attempts to cross to from I-75 to I-85, the more difficult the mountain route. Unless an efficient throughway is created farther out, I-285 is the most efficient route, depending on the time of day. If the Northern Arc is built, it will take a huge load off of the northern Atlanta Perimeter, which is at least a partial objective, is it not?

RAY BISHOP, Loganville