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12-27-04 ACLU Seems to be On Anti-Religion Campaign

The ACLU needs some real causes rather than targeting Christmas Trees and Nativity scenes.  Otherwise, it becomes an enemy of our free nation and is trying to impose “minority control” over any religious expression…..



December 23, 2004


ACLU Seems to be On Anti-Religion Campaign


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc.


In my youth, “old timers” bemoaned the commercialization of Christmas.  There was a Country Music song, “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas”.  Over the decades, with more television, communication and interconnectivity, materialism has become a big part of the Christmas season.


Most of us still feel a special emotion and desire to be with family  and loved ones during the “Christmas Season”.  It is a special time to at least a majority of Americans.


While AVOC does not support State-Sponsored religion, it does feel the politically correct” crowd and “separation of religion and state” crowd have gone to an extreme.   Christmas is an important part of our culture.  It is a special time for many Americans.


I believe it is safe to say that most Americans believe in a divine creator of whatever denomination and description.  Yet the ACLU and some courts have gone to the extreme of removing any public reference to Christmas including the description of the symbolic tree!


This extremism is a violation of the civil rights of the majority of Americans who do want to recognize Christmas and a divine creator.  Otherwise, we are becoming a state dominated by the minority that is blatantly anti-religious.


The United States of America is a large and diverse nation.  It can tolerate many beliefs and religions as long as violence and force is not involved.   We must allow the majority to acknowledge a divine creator in their exercise of the freedoms we enjoy.


The ACLU needs some real causes rather than targeting Christmas Trees and Nativity scenes.  Otherwise, it becomes an enemy of our free nation and is trying to impose “minority control” over any religious expression.

The Augusta Chronicle



December 23, 2004


ACLU is becoming far too anti-religious


Herbert D. Smith, Evans


The American Civil Liberties Union has brought about many beneficial changes in this country over the past 40 years. I applaud their efforts to ensure everyone has the right to vote, to obtain an education and to earn wages commensurate with workers' skills, regardless of race or gender. ...

However, I am concerned the ACLU may be drifting away from its original purpose and is being influenced by ultraliberal thinking unsupportive of traditional spiritual values and practices. This may ultimately harm the nation that owes its success in large part to its identity as a country composed of a diverse population that tolerates all faiths, but springs from a strong Christian base.

The ACLU appears to be attempting to eradicate all evidence of spirituality from official and public activities, and insists it is a mere exercising of the Constitution's First Amendment to do so. I challenge this. ...

I agree with treating all citizens equally, but I cannot agree that means a minority can demand acquiescence to its whims and call it equal. The First Amendment protects free speech, not freedom to prohibit another group from speaking because you disagree with them. ...

No voice should be silenced, and all other faiths should be free to add their presence to Congress, courthouses and all public squares - but none should be eliminated to placate any faction. This drive by the ACLU must be curtailed by whatever legal and legislative means is required.

At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, a stone marks the resting place of heroic servicemen "known but to God." If the present trend continues, I fear that someday we will have to borrow a phrase from Harry Potter that states, "Known but to Him Who Must Not Be Named." That would be the ultimate tragedy.