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8-16-05 - GA DOT Holds Pubic Information Session on Widening US 441 in Oconee & Morgan



August 15, 2005


GA DOT Holds Pubic Information Session on Widening US 441 in Oconee & Morgan


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc.


The long awaited Public Information session on the US 441 widening project was held on August 15, 2005, at the Oconee Civic Center.  There were three sets of maps of the route displayed on different walls.  Many GA DOT representatives were there to answer questions and provide information. Attendees were given handouts and maps.


Many folks attended from Oconee and Morgan Counties.   Forms for comment were provided along with a court reporter for those wanting to enter comments in the record.


The latest route in Oconee County  swings almost due east at the end of the existing Watkinsville By Pass.  It goes a considerable distance from Bishop and crosses Astondale Road near Old Farmington Road.


Several local property and homeowners were surprised to see the latest proposal crossing their property and near residences on Old Bishop Road.   Eventually the route crosses back to the West near Farmington, going behind some of the homes on U S 441 and the new store under construction.


It then swings back toward the existing road bed and at Heritage Park the road follows the Railroad and all new ROW comes from the Heritage Park side.


The proposed route leaves existing businesses at Farmington and Bishop at considerable distance from the new road.   Bishop will be impacted in the future because all the traffic is taken some distance from the Town.  Some will like it but commercial activity will move to the new interchanges.


There will be more engineering and negotiations on this road.  The widening of U S 441 is long overdue.  There have been many automobile fatalities on this dangerous, curvy road over the last 25 years.


The total length of the project in both counties is approximately 16.6 miles.


See the Pdf attachment with Maps and Project Description Information Below: