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7-15-08 Oconee County BOC Election Results

Melvin Davis only won by the “skin of his teeth”! He won with only 50.8 % of the vote. Bell won half of the precincts (7 out of 14) and came within a couple of votes of winning at least two more.



July 15, 2008


Oconee County BOC Election Results


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc


The Oconee County Commission has been reshaped by the Voters.Melvin Davis only won by the “skin of his teeth”!He won with only 50.8 % of the vote and Bell won half of the precincts (7 out of 14) and came within a couple of votes of winning at least two more.  


See Precinct Breakdown

Luke did not receive a mandate.   Don Norris, 20 year incumbent, was soundly defeated by John Daniell.    Norris has been a sure vote for Davis for 8 years.On the other hand, Margaret Hale and Chuck Horton soundly whipped their challengers and are strengthened in their efforts to “put a harness” on Melvin Davis.


John Daniell replaces 20 year veteran Don Norris


Don Norris


The Alcohol issue played a part in the election.  In my opinion, from election experience, it is not a winning issue either way.   Sarah Bell ran a heck of a race against Melvin Davis.  She would have beaten him soundly, in my opinion, had some folks (newer residents) not felt she would try to reverse the beer and wine vote.


The Beer and Wine vote probably played a role in the winning margins rolled up by Horton and Hale and in the slim margins of Davis and Luke who voted for the beer and wine ordinance.  Of course, voters have not been happy with spending and taxes and ethics issues either.   


Maybe we will have a more open and responsive Board now.   Hopefully, the new board will insist on a new code of ethics and will change some of the operating procedures.


The results should also send a message to the local newspaper to straighten up.   The Development Industry will not have total control now and will have to win on merit rather than “Good Ole Boy” politics.


Congratulations to all the challengers for making the race and bringing a public discussion of issues previously handled in secrecy.   I wish more had won.   However, on the whole, it is not a bad day for Oconee County.

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July 15, 2008


Area Primary Results



COUNTY COMMISSION CHAIR (14 of 14 precincts)

Melvin Davis, R (I)


Sarah V. Bell, R


COUNTY COMMISSION POST 1 (14 of 14 precincts)

Jim Luke, R (I)


Johnny Pritchett, R


COUNTY COMMISSION POST 2 (14 of 14 precincts)

Don Norris, R


John Daniell, R


COUNTY COMMISSION POST 3 (14 of 14 precincts)

Margaret S. Hale, R (I)


Esther Porter, R


COUNTY COMMISSION POST 4 (14 of 14 precincts)

Chuck Horton, R (I)


Michael W. Maxey, R


CORONER (14 of 14 precincts)

Ed Carson, R


William Mayberry, R


Cathleen Quillian-Carr, R