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6-26-10 AVOC Local Candidates Endorsements for July 20 Primary

AVOC endorses the re-election of MARGARET HALE for Commission Post 3. AVOC endorses MARK THOMAS for Post 2 on the Oconee County School Board. AVOC endorses TOMMY MALCOM for GA House District 113.



June 25, 2010


AVOC Endorsements of Local Candidates in July 20, 2010, Primary


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc




We have two Commission posts up for election:  Post 3- Margaret Hale & Post 2 –John Daniell.   Daniell has no opposition in the Primary.   Rumors about an independent candidate opposing Daniell have surfaced but so far no candidates.   AVOC feels that an Independent will not be strong opposition for Daniell who has been the most budget conscious commissioner for the last two years.   


Margaret Hale has been a commissioner since 2001.    I have not always agreed with her positions but on important matters we have agreed.   She wisely voted against the Hard Labor Creek Project which was not thought through by the majority.   She also supported revamp of the Chairman’s powers and brought more openness and public input to county decisions last year.


Margaret’s opponent, Tammy Gilland, is an attractive candidate.  AVOC has two concerns about Ms. Gilland’s candidacy:  she is a longtime friend of Chairman Melvin Davis and he supports her; and she is on the Executive Committee of the Athens Chamber.   We need someone who is not tied too much to Athens or the Chairman at this time in our history.


AVOC endorses the re-election of MARGARET HALE for Commission Post 3.


Margaret Hale –Post 3 Commissioner




We have two Board of Education posts up for election:  Post 2- Mack Guest & Post 3 - Kim Argo.   Argo has no opposition and has performed well in her two years on the Board.   She has not been involved in some of the more controversial board decisions: Budget and Administrative Costs; Pay Raise attempt at beginning of last year; North Oconee Principal controversy, and spending priorities, including the purchase of six acres on Old 441 for $ 900,000 for “administrative staff”.   


Mack Guest is opposed by Mark Thomas, a native and lifetime resident of Oconee County.    Mack Guest supported the land purchase and issued a statement for the

June 10, forum:  Guest.Mack.Forum Statement.6.10.pdf x


Mark Thomas is a businessman who grew up in Oconee County, graduated from Oconee County High

School and the University of Georgia.   He has deep roots in Oconee County: agriculture, schools,

churches and community.   Mark Thomas has three school age children: Morgan (16), Madison (11)

and Andrew (8).   I think Mark Thomas will be more sensitive to our history and traditions than has the

majority of the existing board.  

For more on Mark’s background, see:   Thomas.Mark.6.10.Bio and statement.pdf x


AVOC endorses MARK THOMAS for Post 2 on the Oconee County School Board.


Mark Thomas for Post 2 – Oconee County Board of Education




Oconee is completely in Georgia House District 113 which also includes parts of the counties of

Morgan, Oglethorpe and East Clarke.   Three candidates are running to succeed Bob Smith for our

State Representative:  Hank Huckaby of Oconee County; Tommy Malcom of Oconee County and

Kirk Shook of Oglethorpe County.   Huckaby is well qualified and has worked in State Government for

many years.   He has lived in Oconee County for about 5 years.   Tommy Malcom is a 32 year old school

teacher who grew up in Oconee County and graduated from Oconee County High School.   He has

taught school for 8 years and served 8 years on the Oconee County School Board.   Kirk Shook is a

25 year old teacher at North Oconee High School who lives in Oglethorpe County.   I have never

met or talked to him.


As with the school board, I prefer someone who has strong roots in the county and area and appreciates

our history and values.   I have known Tommy Malcom all his life and have been a family friend and

attorney for Tommy’s family for many years.   Tommy has roots in Morgan and Walton counties and l

oves this area.    He is a good, moral person.   AVOC believes he will best represent Oconee County’s

interests in the Legislature.


AVOC endorses TOMMY MALCOM for GA House District 113.


Tommy Malcom Candidate for GA House District 113







BOC Post 3


Track Record -Independence

BOE Post 2


Oconee roots and love for community and schools

House District 113


Roots in the district and interests in education