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2-6-12 Newt Needs to Quit Digging- Rush Limbaugh has also lost Credibility

Viewers can listen and watch and make up their own minds. FOX News has given excessive coverage and face time to Gingrich for his raging harangues. It has diminished FOX in my eyes. I have looked at CNN for more fair coverage of Romney. One can find a lot of criticism of Gingrich and Rush in the Comments section of articles in various outlets, i.e., National Review, National Journal and London papers.



February 5, 2012


Newt Needs to Quit Digging- Rush Limbaugh has also lost Credibility


By Wendell Dawson, Editor, AVOC, Inc


Newt Gingrich needs to heed the old adage: “When you have dug yourself into a deep hole, stop digging!”    Newt’s bilious talk and erratic behavior in recent weeks have confirmed what many thought about him.    The man is delusional and mentally unstable.   Florida and Nevada voters have picked up on that and did not vote for him in great numbers.   His decline will continue and accelerate despite media attempts to keep him alive politically.   


Newt Gingrich raged and rambled after losing Nevada -2-4-12


Viewers can listen and watch and make up their own minds.   FOX News has given excessive coverage and face time to Gingrich for his raging harangues.   It has diminished FOX in my eyes.   I have looked at CNN for more fair coverage of Romney.   One can find a lot of criticism of Gingrich and Rush in the Comments section of articles in various outlets, i.e., National Review, National Journal and London papers.


While I am a conservative, I try to diversify my media sources.   In the past I have listened to Talk Radio, mostly in the car and over the computer.   A couple of years ago, I decided Sean Hannity was a shrill self-promoter who did not help on national issues.   In recent years, I have listened to Rush Limbaugh, primarily because I cannot abide Barack Obama as President.


Rush Limbaugh often sounds like he is helping the Democrats win.


In my opinion, Rush has continued to push Newt Gingrich to the point that his ego stands in the way of the main goal of Conservatives and Republicans and that is to rid the White House of the incumbent President.   I am now convinced that a person satisfying the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and Sarah Palin and some others, cannot be elected President.   There are alternatives to them.


Mitt Romney has big win in Nevada


Obama may win over any Republican this year but some of the candidates cannot beat him.    It is becoming more and more obvious that Romney is the best candidate to take on Obama nationally.    Newt thinks the South will save him but he is not even on the ballot in Virginia (inept campaign preparation) and he lost big in FL.   In addition, the South alone cannot elect Presidents:i.e., Goldwater in 1964 and George Wallace in 1968.    A winner needs some Mid-Western and Northeastern states.  


Newt needs to just go away if he wants any credible stature in the future – outside politics.   For now, it is easy to change channels.

Newt Gingrich's new campaign strategy- it's all about Texas- Daily Mail- 2.5.12


    Another loss, another failure by Newt Gingrich to concede a race to the winner, Mitt Romney. Rather than deliver a speech, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives instead opted to hold a press conference to unveil a supposed new campaign strategy.

   The weakness of his position during the rambling 22-minute event was underlined by the fact that he had to begin by denying he was planning to drop out. …..quoting everyone from George Soros to Charles Krauthammer. He even cited a tweet by Larry Sabato.

   Sooner or later, however, Gingrich will need to start winning again - and before April. He's not on the ballot in Missouri on Tuesday, when Romney is favoured in Colorado and Minnesota looks like a toss-up. Then we have Michigan and Arizona at the end of February, where Romney is the heavy favourite.

   Gingrich is clearly investing a lot of hope in Super Tuesday on March 6th but that day he is not even on the ballot in his adopted home state of Virginia.

   Even before then, he's likely to face a big money crunch. ……….

   Then he descended into the weeds and the mire, with a full-bore vent about Romney and all his works. There were glimpses of "Good Newt" - for instance, his analysis of Obama's war on the Catholic church - but they were fleeting indeed…..



Gingrich is a pathetic individual who is being exposed as the self centered out of touch individual he is.    To any Gingrich supporter that reads this post and claims that Gingrich is a "conservative" then please explain why Gingrich (w) supported tax and cap, (x) supports endless guest worker plan a/k/a "amnesty" and (y) wrote a paper supporting Obamacare. Gingrich is no less moderate than Romney, it is just Newt talks louder. Sad.

Posted by: Otis | 02/05/2012 at 02:26 PM


In other words, Newt's presser was a microcosom of why he cannot, should not, and will not be President or Nominee.

Posted by: Trask | 02/05/2012 at 02:29 PM


   If there were any doubts before about whether or not Gingrich was stable enough to be president, let alone face the Obama machine, I think it's pretty obvious to all now. It's sad really. Someone who loves him needs to convince him to stop talking and take a vacation.

Posted by: frank | 02/05/2012 at 02:30 PM


This clown isn't going anywhere. Does anybody seriously think this buffoon could be the GOP nominee? What an embarrassment, what a joke he is.

Posted by: Hank | 02/05/2012 at 02:34 PM


Gingrich focused on Georgia, Super Tuesday-AJC- 2.5.12


   LAS VEGAS – Hold on until Super Tuesday.

     That’s Newt Gingrich’s game plan following his decisive back to back losses to Mitt Romney in Florida and Nevada’s Republican presidential nominating contests.

    The former House speaker talked about his way forward during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning. He singled out Georgia, the state he represented in Congress for 20 years, and other southern states where he predicted he could do well.

   Republican voters in Georgia and many other delegate-rich states will make their picks on March 6. Texas follows on April 3………..

Romney soars; Gingrich resets-Romney wins big in Nevada caucuses- CNN-2.5.12



Georgians generous to Romney, Gingrich-AJC-2.4.12


Former House speaker draws primarily from 'Wal-Mart Republicans'

Mitt Romney continued to dominate the money race in Georgia as the former Massachusetts governor out-raised all other candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in the final quarter of 2011.

Reports filed this week with the Federal Election Commission show Georgians contributed more than $ 525,000 to Romney from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31. Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the U.S. House who represented Georgia in Congress for 20 years, reported raising more than $ 350,000 here for the period.

   Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, the other two GOP candidates, were third and fourth respectively in Georgia fundraising.

    Romney’s take for the quarter was also better than that of President Barack Obama.………..


Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney- AP-2.2.12





 ….Thursday, Trump confirmed that the endorsement will in fact go to Romney in a mini-news conference two hours before he is set to formally appear with the candidate.

    As reporters knocked over chairs to get to the real estate magnate/reality star, Trump said he'd decided to back Romney because he liked his positions on China and OPEC. Reminded that he had not always said nice things about the ex-governor, Trump replied, "I didn't know him then."

    Asked if this means his own White House aspirations are now over, Trump said unequivocally that he will not run as an independent or third party candidate in the fall if Romney is the nominee…..


Sound and Fury –GOP Race- NRO –Editorial-2.1.12


    After a tumultuous and bilious few weeks, the race for the Republican nomination is pretty much in the same place it was before South Carolina and Florida voted. In the first state, Mitt Romney saw a large initial lead in the polls turn into a landslide for Newt Gingrich. The same thing happened in reverse in the second. Romney is again the favorite to win the nomination……………..

Study-TV News Bashes Romney, Boosts Horse Race – CMPA-1.18.12



CBS Is More Positive Than FOX Toward GOP Field

    Frontrunner Mitt Romney is getting by far the most negative press of the GOP field, according to a new study of television news coverage by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. The study also found that the campaign horse race is getting over six times as much coverage as the candidates’ positions on policy issues. According to CMPA director and George Mason University professor Robert Lichter, “The media love a horse race and hate a frontrunner.”……..

Rush Limbaugh May Have Peaked with Republicans-Comments.2.5.12


What Florida Means –NRO -2.1.12



COMMENTS ON NRO on Rush Limbaugh


Bill Wilde

   02/01/12 10:28

Dave, I guess I missed the election in which you were declared base spokesperson, but you can have your Newt, now. Pretty soon he won't have much to do except return to his old job shilling for Freddie Mac and "interviewing" for the next wife. Cordially, Bill



   02/01/12 12:45

"We, the base, demand Newt slap the snot out of Obama!' "Cannot defend us..."

I just can't understand the inability of Newt Gingrich supporters to use simple logic. They claim Romney is weak, and couldn't beat Obama. Gingrich cannot beat Romney, yet somehow Gingrich can beat Obama and Romney can't? Can you hear yourselves?

Gingrich beat the moderators in the SC debates. He didn't beat Mitt Romney. Romney beat Newt Gingrich in the FL debates. He didn't debate the moderators. Romney will defeat Obama. Newt doesn't have the skills, debate or otherwise to organize against him.

You need to face reality. Money Power vs People Power? All his money comes from 2 people!

Wake up! The Newt dream is over!



   02/01/12 07:20

I like Kathryn's analysis the best. Newt Gingrich has done the party a disservice with his low-ball attacks. I always suspected he would and I would like him to drop out, because he doesn't need to do any more damage. The fact that he is resorting to such despicable tactics in the primary does not bode well for how he would do in the general election. He has some accomplishments under his belt, and he has some great ideas. I can understand why someone would support him. Unfortunately, his negatives outweigh his positives and I would much rather see a Santorum v. Romney race (oh, Ron Paul too). He has shown himself to be petulant, arrogant, and willing to resort to whatever cheap tactics he thinks will help him win. I just saw a banner ad on this site asking you to donate to "defeat obamneycare". Look, say what you want about Mitt Romney but he's no Obama and the man clearly would work to repeal Obamacare. You don't have to support Mitt but at least keep the criticisms real.



   02/01/12 11:23

…As for the post-election speeches: Romney was gracious to his competitors (not so Mr. Moon Shot) and then focused on the man I hope we can agree needs to be retired. Mr. Gingrich boldly went through an ad hoc list of things that don't add up to a program, while dramatically appropriating the words of the signers of the Declaration of Independence - words acknowledging that their very lives were on the line for what they did. Grandiosity doesn't begin to describe the effort.


E.A. Jacobson

   02/01/12 09:04

@David Limbaugh...You and your brother seem to argue that Mitt Romney is not necessarily the most electable. However, both of you also thought that Christine O'Donnell was perfectly electable in the state of Delaware. Your judgement is very questionable.


History Buff

   02/01/12 09:04

David Limbaugh is in a bit of a dilemma. His brother Rush declared emphatically last June that Mitt Romney could say "Bye-bye nomination" and that his candidacy for it was "over", due to Romney making the heretical statement that climate change was real and man-made.

Now, it is becoming quite apparent that Romney will be the Nominee and the "power and influence" of Rush, as well as his "clairvoyence", are to be shown as weak as wet cardboard. And he will be put in difficult situation on his radio show, does he (A) suddenly and quite blatantly start to backpedal on his attacks on Romney (still going on as of yesterday) and thus show himself beaten or (B) continue said attacks and start to find himself branded 'traitor" by his own Party.

   As a definite non-Rush "fan", I'm sure I won't be alone in celebrating Romney becoming the Nominee if only for Rush Limbaugh being put in that position.



   02/01/12 18:08

    Agree completely. I, too, am no longer a fan of Rush Limbaugh, and think he has lost much of his persuasive powers among so called "conservatives". His constant drumbeat for Sarah Palin, Newt, etc, is boring and simply out of touch with many in the Republican Party. It's almost as if he feels more comfortable supporting a candidate like himself who has never taken his marriage vows seriously and is always looking for a younger model. Herman Cain can also be included in this bunch. I think this is why many of us who do believe that character counts are amazed that Rush Limbaugh tosses it out the window after leading the charge against Bill Clinton for his indiscretions. It is sickening to hear him thinking up every excuse not to support Romney.