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About Transportation July, 2004 - Dec. 31, 2005
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1-27-07 Engineers, Fatal Accidents, GA DOT, Local Government, Northeast GA – Problems
7-23-07 Oconee County’s Snow’s Mill Road- Rocky Branch Rd- GA Hwy 53 area is dangerous
9-20-07 “Senator” Steve Reynolds of Commerce and Gwinnett County was friend to Oconee and NEGA
4-7-08 Oconee Connector $ 26 million Project is more than a Name Change
4-25-08 GA DOT - Funds Shortage – Sales Taxes –Romance- Local Projects Status
6-21-08 Questions About Melvin Davis’ $ 26 Million Road Project
7-24-08 Oconee GA DOT Projects (Mars Hill and Oconee Connector) results of efforts of many folks besides Melvin Davis and Bob Smith
7-27-08 Oconee Rep Bob Smith needs to help fund improvements to U S 441 South and GA 15
5-25-10 Oconee Connector Project Over Loop- Economic Opportunity or ‘Road to nowhere’ or Both
5-27-12 Oconee Connector –Mega Shopping Center – Boon or Traffic Jams?
4-4-11 Review of TSPLOST Transportation Projects for Oconee & Area Counties
8-3-11 Regional Transportation-SPLOST Project Final List for NEGA
6-18-12 T-SPLOST and what it may mean to Oconee County - (July 31 Referendum)

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