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Special Subjects 2004
2003- July 1, 2004: Special Subjects

7-13-04 Lemuel Penn Murdered Near Athens in 1964: PART 1
7-15-04 The Dawson "Homeplace” on Cliff Dawson Road- Oconee County—PART 1
7-18-04 Lemuel Penn Murdered Near Athens In 1964: PART 2
7-19-04 More History of Dawson Homeplace in Oconee County, Georgia
7-22-04 Check Bogart and Carrithers at OconeeTeachers.com
8-2-04 Vacation Trip to Pacific Northwest—Beautiful Country!
8-4-04 Oconee County Resident Marilyn Hardigree Publishes Auto-Biography
9-7-04 Conflict of Interest Questions in Local Government
9-9-04 Code of Ethics for County Commissioners
9-12-04 Much Ethics Information Available for Local Officials
9-20-04 Rich’s ‘Belonged’ To All of Us
9-27-04 The Jack Hensley Memorial & Family Trust
10-5-04 It Isn’t Slavery Chaining Blacks
10-21-04 Oconee County’s Oldest Living Descendant of William Daniell – Sue Daniell Zuber Dies
11-14-04 Humorous Response to Kerry Advocates
11-16-04 New York Times Will Decline in Stature Even More
11-30-04 UGA Student Volunteers and Dies in Iraq—Real Hero
12-6-04 Counties and Ethics Laws
12-7-04 Savannah's Williams Seafood Burned
12-15-04 Wayne Hill Did a Great Job as Gwinnett Commission Chair
12-21-04 Oconee Native, Joe McCart, Has Come A Long Way Since Farmington
12-24-04 Merry Christmas 2004!
12-27-04 ACLU Seems to be On Anti-Religion Campaign

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