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In the Region, 2006-2007
5-11-07 Jackson District Attorney resigns over checking accounts issue
12-20-06 Jasper County Manager & Magistrate Making News
1-9-06 BOC Budget and Personnel Issues -Turmoil in nearby Hancock County
1-10-06 Hart BOC and Board of Assessors clash in New Year
1-11-06 Budget & Assessor Problems in Madison County
1-20-06 Georgia Senate redistricting Athens area – Athens Folks Upset
1-24-06 Update on Hancock County – Commissioners, Citizen Watchdogs and GBI
1-26-06 Former area county manager "relieved” again
1-27-06 Continuing bickering in Jackson County –Thanks to Districts & Staggered Terms
1-30-06 UGA’s David Greene headed for Super Bowl with Seattle
1-30-06 U. S. 441 is being improved many places Except Oconee and Morgan Counties
2-1-06 Jasper County still struggling with governing and tax issues
2-3-06 Changing Georgia landscapes and lifestyles – Northeast GA too
2-6-06 New Senate Districts in Athens ‘Area’ have some good points
2-7-06 GA Court of Appeals rules in Greene County’s favor on Hospital "parcel fee”
2-8-06 Animal Control -NEGA– a continuing issue and challenge in growing counties
2-14-06 Oglethorpe Commissioner T. Y. Harris is a fine public servant
2-15-06 Former Oconee School Supt. Shannon Adams tapped for Jackson County Supt.
2-21-06 Monticello Council has money and other problems
2-23-06 Walton hires new counsel with water reservoir experience – Kirby Atkinson- A good man
2-27-06 Jails, Inmate Suits, Barrow & Newton Counties
2-28-06 City of Madison has controversy since Mayor DuPree took office in January
3-1-06 Franklin County –New to zoning and planning – growing pains
3-2-06 Madison County politics seems to work "behind the scenes on some things”
3-3-06 Flack in Jasper County over BOC raises and "Agenda Setting Meetings”
3-6-06 Hart County - like other NEGA Counties has growth and changing demographics
3-15-06 A J-C recognizes government watchdogs - Heros for Open Government -Jasper and Pike
3-17-06 Hart County BOC Chair taking heat on different things
3-21-06 Jasper County Manager makes big "boo-boo”
3-22-06 Update on Hancock County BOC and Open Government – Suit Filed
3-31-06 Madison County can’t find Chief Tax Appraiser for high salary- Oconee didn’t pay to keep a good one
4-4-06 City of Madison Council has power, ego and turf struggles
4-5-06 Hart County Commissioners’ controversy continues
4-10-06 Newton County growing and struggling with challenges of fast growth counties
4-11-06 Census estimates list fast growing NEGA Counties
4-15-06 F.B.I. Raids Hancock County BOC Offices
4-19-06 Jasper County – new county manager and planning director issues
4-21-06 Newton County to help pay for stormwater control for approved subdivision- Court case
5-1-06 School Site run-off results in Jackson County Superior Court fines for School System
5-5-06 Bigger Jail "Merry Go Round keeps turning- Madison County Again - Oconee Still Riding
5-9-06 Development Vs. Rural and Recall Efforts in Madison County
5-11-06 Hancock County Update – Open Records and GBI Raid
5-15-06 Jackson County – Airport Authority holds closed meeting- Commerce Inspector Charged
5-17-06 Barrow, like Oconee, adding more and more administration at Courthouse
5-18-06 Jasper County Update – Tax Assessors improving- Planning not so good
5-26-06 Recent events in Monticello and Jasper County and Water Source for Region
5-26-06 Madison County controversy and politics getting heated
6-7-06 Morgan County to build a new jail – It is needed
6-9-06 Madison County needs leadership to step forward
6-12-06 Greene County Tax Assessment issues more confused with "retroactive” Consent Court Order
6-22-06 Jasper County Taxpayer Watchdog Group finds defense for A T & T Tax Refund Claim
6-23-06 Madison County Chairman Nash reaches out- BOC members need to get on board
7-20-06 Barrow BOC and other counties dealing with Agenda Issues
7-24-06 Madison County has a Tax Mess and an unresponsive BOC
7-31-06 Madison County’s Senator Ralph Hudgens has several political challenges
8-2-06 Jasper BOC Chair taking some flack over actions and statements
8-11-06 Greene County (District 1) takes step backward in Commission race –Marion Rhodes is back
8-12-06 Greene County Commissioner wins by 8 votes
8-13-06 Judge rules in another skirmish in Madison County ‘Mud Fight’
9-11-06 Madison County hires new Chief Tax Appraiser
9-8-06 Jasper County has no approved budget but Taxes are up & County has excess Revenues
E. H. Culpepper has contacts and state-wide relationships that would enable him to accomplish much as State Representative. Athens-Clarke County and all of Northeast Georgia would benefit from his continued public service.
9-13-06 E. H. Culpepper is excellent choice for Clarke County Representative (District 115)
9-14-06 Counties in GA without experienced leaders
9-24-06 Pendergrass - Small City and County Governments can have conflicts and ethics problems
10-23-06 Cowsert may gain liberal Athens votes but lose conservative non-Athens Votes for Senate with new Pledge
10-25-06 Oconee County Ballot for November 7, 2006
11-24-06 Jasper County Magistrate Subject to Channel 5 Report
12-11-06 Jackson Herald Editor critical of Jefferson Police Investigation and Athens Banner-Herald Reporter
12-23-06 Athens Banner-Herald providing better regional coverage Editorial Page Next?
12-30-06 Annexation becoming source of litigation for NEGA Cities and Counties
1-25-07 Management issues & Chairman Change in Jasper County
2-12-07 Did Walton Officials plan adequately for its huge 2 year old Courthouse?
3-23-07 District Attorney Tim Madison being questioned about unusual handling of funds - Jackson County (Piedmont Circuit)
3-29-07 GBI investigating Jackson District Attorney funds issues
3-28-07 Media selectivity is illustrated in District Attorney (Piedmont Circuit) funding questions
4-5-07 Walton County Finance Director Dismissed & Other Budget Issues
4-11-07 Walton Land Deal causing quite a Stink- Oconee share of Hard Labor Creek Project cost may be impacted
4-14-07 Attitude limits Athens-Clarke Influence on Regional & State Issues
6-2-07 Senator Jim Whitehead is best choice for 10th Congressional seat
6-15-07 Jim Whitehead visits Greensboro and Eatonton recently
7-12-07 Jim Whiteheads business experience will be asset in Congress
7-13-07 State Board of Education approves charter school for Greene County
7-20-07 Congratulations to Paul Broun, Jr. - Tenth District Congressman-Elect
8-9-07 Local Column irritates Madison County folks - Madison County Vs City of Madison
9-17-07 Jasper Watchdog raises ethics and open government issues with JCWS Authority
12-10-07 Selective Prosecution, Media Coverage, Politics and Jefferson Police Investigation

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