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Special Subjects, 2006-2007
7-5-06 Dawsons' Vacation 2006 - Civil War, Colonial & Presidential Sites VA, PA etc Part 2
9-28-07 Vinnie Williams, the Oconee Enterprise and Pure Fiction
7-5-06 Dawsons' Vacation 2006 - Civil War, Colonial & Presidential Sites VA, PA etc Part 1
7-5-06 The Dawson Family lost a long-time friend today- Lady died
10-30-07 Oconee County High Schools Alumni Association Seeks Members
3-18-07 Sons of the American Revolution Ceremony at Mars Hill Church (William Daniell, John Stroud and Stephen Crow) on Sat. 3.24.07
11-10-07 Veterans and Veterans Day are important to our nation and heritage
1-13-06 Georgia Lieutenant in Iraq comments on Hillary Clinton’s Body Armor Headlines
1-16-06 Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for more than the "entitlement culture”
1-17-06 Some folks (couples) are just SPECIAL- W.D. Fullers 75 Years & Jerry Hardigrees 70 Years!!
1-25-06 Gwinnett’s Wayne Hill can serve the state well in the General Assembly
2-6-06 Georgia Capitol is fitting honor for Coretta Scott King
2-22-06 Iraq News not all bad- Update from GA Lieutenant
3-9-06 Basketball & Memories of Bogart (Oconee County) Georgia – "Times Gone By”
3-20-06 Willie Oaks- Unique and Special- 100th Birthday and Death
3-23-06 News and facts from U. S. Soldiers in Iraq tell real story
3-27-06 In Memoriam – Connie Barnette August 19, 1941 – March 26, 2006
3-29-06 Memories of Recess at Bogart Grammar School – reminisces of small town Georgia of the 40s and 50s
4-17-06 Oconee Relay for Life – Joe Ann and Laura Mitchell & Augusta (Gus) Verner
8-8-07 Dawson Vacation-2007 to Arizona and Nevada
4-25-06 Gainesville Lieutenant and Georgia 48th Return- "did us proud”!
4-28-06 Responsible Citizenship, Ethics and Public Office
5-3-06 Bogart – ‘Old Faithful’ –Memories of the Gym
5-22-06 Nursing home residents are still people and need cards and visits
5-30-06 Importance of Memorial Day to All Americans
6-1-06 Jennifer Dawson named teacher of the year for 2006-7 at Lost Mountain Middle School in Kennesaw
6-15-06 Funeral Protests cross the line in bad taste and sensitivity
4-20-07 Elder Mill Bridge Public Park in Oconee County is worthy goal
8-2-06 Jack Hogan on Christian Principles and Values – “Think about it”
8-2-06 Jack Hogan on Christian Principles and Values - "Think about it”
8-3-06 OCHS Class of 61 celebrates 45th graduation at Reunion on 7-15-06
8-11-06 Follow-up on the rural history of Oconee County & Cotton Picking
9-4-06 Teachers are special and death of young one is tragic
9-19-06 Jennifer Dawson (OCHS 89) Named Teacher of Year in Cobb County
9-21-06 A J-C - Cobb County -Jennifer Dawson - Lost Mountain teacher earns top honor
9-25-06 Jefferson's Jack Davidson, "small town attorney", was a good man
Jimmy Carter –The Real Story
12-28-06 President Gerald Ford- 1913-2006
1-10-07 Ten State Finalists for Teacher of Year include Jennifer Dawson of Cobb & Oconee
1-11-07 Oconee Native and OCHS Class of 1956 Grad is Head of Alabama State Senate
1-30-07 Oconee’s Mike Truluck & 11 Alive- Wes Sarginson help Iraq Vet needy family
3-8-07 Sons of the American Revolution Ceremony at Mars Hill Church on March 24, 2007
3-26-07 Sons of American Revolution hold ceremonies at Mars Hill Church in Oconee County, Georgia
4-6-07 Howard Stroud was a real leader - the genuine thing
5-19-07 Barefoot in Bogart in the 40’s and 50’s by Jack Hogan
6-28-07 Blue Willow Village coming to Social Circle
7-5-07 Oconee County High Schools Alumni Association holds annual banquet
7-8-07 Dawson Enterprises, Inc.--from “Broke” to Millionaire--and the facts behind the story
9-13-07 Special Subject – Jack Hogan on “Things you don’t hear anymore”
9-25-07 Judge Joseph Gaines was friend and mentor to many – a pillar of Integrity
10-2-07 Watkinsville’s Brian Brodrick highlighted in October Georgia Trend Magazine
10-5-07 Oconee Soldier and Family honored for Supreme Sacrifice in Iraq
10-11-07 Sons of the American Revolution hold grave marker ceremony for Anderson Fambrough on Fambrough Cemetery Road in Oconee County on 9-23-07
10-17-07 “The Daniells” of Bogart, Georgia (1930’s, 40’s, 50’s)
11-7-07 A tad early to declare Hillary Clinton as the winner of the Presidency
11-7-07 Jennifer Dawson receives Outstanding Social Studies Educator Award
11-18-07 Fall Leaves are beautiful every year but are great this Fall
11-21-07 Happy Thanksgiving to our combat soldiers –Message for Citizens
11-23-07 Thanksgiving in St Marys Georgia at the Riverview Hotel –Great Place!
11.29.07 Antioch Church Area Singers Publishing “Old Favorites” C D
12-10-07 Special Occasions in Holiday Season become richer with time- Family & Friends Important
12-23-07 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
2-20-08 Oconee’s Experiment Station (Campbell Research Center) has interesting past
3-6-08 Oconee’s John Webb participated in historic music event 50 years ago – City Lights

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