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Special Subjects 2005
1-4-05 Madison County is Right to Honor Lemuel Penn
1-7-05 Housing Costs and Wages Do Not Mesh in Area
1-13-05 County Commission Chair Should Be Elected by Voters
1-14-05 Madison & Clarke Counties Need Memorials for Lemuel Penn
1-17-05 Civil Rights Attorney Donald Hollowell Was a Professional
1-20-05 George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States
1-21-05 Social Studies Fair at Lost Mountain Middle School (Kennesaw)
1-24-05 Area Churches Help Homeless Families
2-11-05 "Blank” County Suffers From Lack of Leadership
2-14-05 Augusta (Gus) Verner Is Star of Relay Team Gus
2-16-05 Paul Broun Was a Good Senator and Friend
2-18-05 Becky & Connie - Special Folks in My Life and of Others
2-23-05 Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF) to Have Big Sale on Sat. 2-26-05
2-24-05 Memories of Governor S. Ernest Vandiver, Jr.
3-1-05 Progressive Farmer Got Lots of Local Attention
3-2-05 Many Untold Stories Of U S Servicemen
3-10-05 Jeannette Rankin’s Induction into Georgia Women of Achievement
3-17-05 Commissioners- Salaries and Expense Accounts
3-18-05 Courthouse Security and Space
3-21-05 Open Meetings & "Freedom of Press” - "In the Eye of the Beholder”
3-21-05 Ashley Smith Interview Was Refreshing
3-24-05 Open Meetings and County Commissioners
4-1-05 Courts, Courthouses, Security, Sheriffs & Judges
4-5-05 Moores Ford Case- Facts and Myths
4-14-05 Media May Be At Risk with Reckless Defamatory Reports
4-15-05 Small Towns - Bogart and Oconee County in the 40’s and 50’s
4-19-05 Littering, Citizenship and Code Enforcement
5-2-05 That Pond, Two Kids and a Runaway Bride
5-7-05 Special Folks & Relay for Life
5-14-05 "Trip of a Lifetime” to Greece and Turkey
5-19-05 Local Governments, Ethics and Grand Juries
5-23-05 Tragedy Befalls Oglethorpe County Family
5-31-05 My Twelve Days in Greece, Turkey and on the Aegean Sea
6-10-05 More Folks and More Conflicts With Water and Runoff –Mediation Can Help
7-18-05 Death of Opponent of Placement of "Ten Commandments” in Public Buildings
7-20-05 Ten Commandments & Funding the ACLU
8-15-05 Religion, Politics, ACLU and Tax Money Make A Volatile Mix
8-19-05 'Ghosts of Bogart' - Presented at 2004 Bogart Reunion
8-23-05 Misty Misty Morn By David S. Oaks, Son of Watkinsville’s Willie S. Oaks
8-29-05 New Technology - Meat without Animals- Test Tubes! I Remember the 1940’s!
8-30-05 Arts Are Important Part of a Community’s "Soul” – Oconee & Newton
9-15-05 Medical Costs, Health Insurance, Prescriptions & Medicaid
9-22-05 Many Good Folks Doing Good Things for Gulf Coast Victims
9-23-05 Antioch Christian Church –Oconee County– Book on Oldest Disciples of Christ Church in Georgia
9-23-05 Josiah Daniell, Farm Boy & WW I Hero of Oconee County, Georgia
9-26-05 What Georgia is to Some Natives
10-13-05 Watkinsville Neighbor and Special Friend – Joe Ann Willoughby Mitchell
10-17-05 High Shoals Christian Church - 100 Years of Fellowship and Memories
10-25-05 Lawrence Scotland, Long Time Oconee County Teacher & Leader
11-4-05 High Shoals, Georgia, Has Many Fond Memories for Many Folks
11-9-05 Very Fitting that Rosa Parks Receive National Recognition
11-14-05 Veterans Are Special People – Worthy of Honor and Memorials
11-18-05 "You Can Go Home Again”- Memories of Bogart and Rural Oconee
11-23-05 Carrie Marsh- 1921-2005 – Oconee County Health Nurse 1953-1983 –A Friend
12-3-05 Enough Already!! Christmas is Christmas, Period!!
12-3-05 Remember Our Soldiers- Especially at Christmas Time
12-7-05 Watkinsville Christmas Parade Grand Marshall Joe Ann Mitchell
12-24-05 Merry Christmas Messages and Links
12-31-05 Persons of the Year in 2005 & Historic Benchmarks
1-1-06 In Memoriam - Joe Ann Willoughby Mitchell succumbs at home on 1-1-06
1-3-06 Iraq Update from Georgia Lieutenant

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