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Oconee County
1-24.11 Oconee’s Zoom Bait Sewer Project handling is typical of Chairman’s history
7-6-11 Democrats complaining about reapportionment should look back 10 Years
6-3-09 Oconee’s Melvin Davis – Open Meetings Violations & Mistaken Policies adopted in secrecy
9-4-11 Costs of Oconee’s Fast Growth Policies are coming due!
6-8-08 “The Melvin Davis Record” – Secret Retreat and Beer & Wine Vote – Part 2
5-31-08 Oconee ‘Power Players’ want absolute control of County – “The List”
6-11-08 A Continuing Drought, declining revenues, tax digest and Oconee solution years away
2-15-08 Drought - water problems are not over & we do not have competent plans
1-2-08 Oconee County 2008 –Election Year and Opportunity for Change in Direction
10-22-08 Movie about “Carving Up Oconee” showing in Athens -CINE`
1-11-09 Oconee - highest per capita income in Georgia- not richest, wealthiest or most prosperous
8-12-08 Thoughts and analysis of the results of Oconee’s 08 General Primary and Runoff
8-15-08 Tom Leach to be Write-In Candidate opposing Melvin Davis in General Election
8-25-08 Oconee Voters expecting change – but will things remain same?
9-10-08 Housing Slump, Banks facing tough times, Oconee needs to slow spending
9-20-08 Oconee County BOC needs more change than marathon Work Session
9-29-08 Encouraging News - Oconee BOC may find that Majority Rules
10-2-08 Banking and Taxes - the Housing Slump is Local
10-6-08 Does Oconee County really need more retail space at this time?
10-13-08 Oconee BOC should buy available 10-12 acres adjoining the courthouse complex – AND NOW!
10-28-08 The Real Oconee News.Com Coming Soon with Sarah Bell
11-12-08 Oconee needs to rein in spending – revenue is declining - Part 2
11-10-08 Oconee County needs to get serious about ambulance service
11-12-08 Oconee needs to rein in spending – revenue is declining Part 1
12-12-08 Backroom Deals still running Oconee County – election notwithstanding
1-18-09 Long-time Oconee Commissioner Don Norris takes late and long Good-bye
1-22-09 Oconee County quietly reverses mistaken sewer capacity policies
2-7-09 Kudos to Oconee Commissioner John Daniel for suggesting changes in budgeting process
3-2-09 Information about Oconee SPLOST Referendum on March 17, 2009 – Part 1
3-5-09 Oconee Declining Sales Tax Receipts – SPLOST Estimate Probably High
3-2-09 Oconee SPLOST Referendum on March 17, 2009 – Part 2
3-3-09 Oconee SPLOST Vote on March 17, 2009 – Courthouse Part 3
3-15-09 SPLOST will not lower Oconee Property Taxes – As recent history proves
3-29-09 Oconee Commissioners ignore voter opinion and input on Courthouse plans
4-23-09 Oconee BOC reviews Chairman’s duties, responsibilities and authority
5-4-09 Oconee County BOC to have work session on powers of Chairman on May 6
5-8-09 Lawsuits, Executive Sessions, Open Meetings & Oconee BOC
5-15-09 Oconee BOC needs to stop studying & discussing role of Chair & do something or just move on
5-24-09 Oconee BOC needs Backbone on Taxes, Spending, Secret Meetings & County Administration
6-1-09 Oconee Economic Recovery will come eventually but boom bubble is over for sometime
7-30-09 Oconee County ‘reorganization’ is no big deal and is long overdue
8-31-09 Oconee County Today – Schools, Banks, Economy, Revenue, Population projections
10-6-09 Oconee County’s Days of Reckoning – Economy & Economic Development
11-21-09 - Proposed (Economic) Partnership is opposed by many in Oconee County
12-1-09 Oconee BOC should invest some of its $ 4 Million SPLOST funds in the Booth-Christopher-Marable tracts adjacent to the Courthouse Complex
12-31-09 Review of 2009 – Oconee County has serious water, economic, tax and budget issues
1-16-10 Election 2010 - Congress, State Officials, Oconee BOE and BOC - 2 Members each
1-29-10 Oconee Sales & Property Taxes, Assessments and budget issues
2-14-10 Attend and speak up at Oconee Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 & take action to Lower Your Property Taxes
4-19-10 Dawson April Trip to London-Paris- ‘Meanwhile back at home in Oconee’
5-8-10 Oconee spending will need more trimming – Reserve Funds cannot balance every year
5-18-10 Oconee Financial Corp (Parent of Oconee State Bank) making progress with US SEC
5-25-10 Oconee County Political Chicanery – Special Interests Vs. Open Government
6-26-10 AVOC Local Candidates Endorsements for July 20 Primary
7-1-10 AVOC Endorsements in GA Primary on July 20, 2010
7-10-10 Observations and comments on Oconee Political Races –July 20 Primary
8-29-10 Housing Values Down & Foreclosures Up in NEGA – Taxes not down in Oconee
10-25-10 Oconee County $ 22 Million Courthouse moving under the radar- Big Spenders -Part 2
10-25-10 Oconee County $ 22 Million Courthouse moving under the radar- Big Spenders -Part 1
11-15-10 Local Banks and Troubled Assets Ratios – Part 2
11-15-10 Local Banks and Troubled Assets Ratios – Part 3
11-15-10 Local Banks and Troubled Assets Ratios – Part 1
11-18-10 GA General Election Runoff is on November 30- Supreme Ct and Ct of Appeals
1-11-11 Oconee County faces financial and infrastructure challenges in 2011
2-21-11 Oconee County’s ‘Chickens Coming Home to Roost’
5-1-11 Banks ‘Not out of woods’ yet- another bank with branch in Oconee closed by FDIC
5-2-11 Oconee & GA House District 113 to Vote June 21, 2011 –Politics heating up
6-6-11 AVOC Review of race for June 21 Special Election for GA House District 113
6-12-11 Check out House District 113 Candidates and Vote early - Election is June 21
6-30-11 Oconee should vote for Republican Williams in House 113 Runoff on 7-19-11
8-15-11 Oconee being divided to benefit Doug McKillip is outrageous and needs opposition
4-8-12 Oconee part of two State House Districts – Minority in both
8-20-11 Oconee leaders too passive on House Redistricting – Oconee was Hoodooed!
9-17-11 Oconee County - Image- Weeds & Weeds - U.S. 441
10-18-11 Charles Ivie is right choice for Mayor of Watkinsville
10-18-11 Charles Ivie is right choice for Mayor of Watkinsville
12-17-11 Proposals to change Oconee County BOC ‘Charter’ needs careful review
1-30-12 Oconee County Sheriff Election 2012 could be interesting
1-31-12 Oconee County 2012 Commission Races will have competition
3-4-12 Memo to Oconee Chairman Melvin Davis- Congrats, Take a Bow and Retire Gracefully
5-27-12 Oconee will have several contested local races this summer
6-18-12 Oconee Chairman Race Is About Open Government and ‘Time for a Change’
6-24-12 Jennifer Riddle is the right choice for Oconee County Tax Commissioner
7-5-12 Oconee Sheriff’s Race Tighter than Many Expected
7-9-12 Oconee County July 31, 2011, Primary Election Information
7-15-12 Public Office Experience- it comes with being elected –few start with it
7-16-12 Oconee BOC Posts 1 & 4 & BOE Chairman Races have some excellent candidates
12-30-12 Thoughts and comments on local and area 2012 Elections
9-27-13 Farmington, GA, has new Landmark- a ‘State of the Art’ Fire Station
1-20-14 Large, Expensive Courthouse for Oconee County -Considerations
2-10-14 Oconee County Courthouse -Lot of Politics and Too Little History-Vision in Planning

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